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IDComplete provides consumers the ability to authorize or decline card present and card not present transactions in real-time using their card issuer registered phone. In real-time, the cardholder is presented a real-time notification that includes the merchant's name, date, transaction amount, and other parameters with the options to approve or deny a transaction. IDComplete ensures and protects the authenticity of consumer transactions through a highly secure, real-time, pin-based verification solution. IDComplete utilizes a secure encrypted irreversible tokenization process with multi-factor authentication to enable secure real-time cardholder verification.IDComplete provides benefits to all parties involved in the transaction process.
• Consumers: Eliminates risk of fraudulent card transactions.
• Card Issuers: Eliminates direct loss bound by cardholder laws holding the Issuer responsible for fraudulent transaction costs.
• Merchants: Eliminates charge backs and refunds resulting from fraudulent transactions and a merchant’s direct loss of money.
• Acquiring Banks: Eliminates fraudulent transactions within their network.
• Payment Gateways / Platforms: Eliminates fraudulent transactions to merchants serviced.